The HR community globally has been pursuing the objective of being close to the business as a true business partner.

It is time to check how close have you moved to the stated intent, objectively. We have often heard HR talking on the sides about a seat in the board and/or being counted at the highest decision making table on organisational matters.

Please take this reflection test for yourself which is registered as ‘HRBPMirror’

If your internal stakeholder has thanked you or acknowledged openly for an HR service that made a difference to a key customer service or offering, then give yourself a score of 1 else nil.

If you have been acknowledged by any of your internal business stakeholder for true cost effectiveness impact not as an austerity measure but as a conscious HR service measurable impact, then give yourself a score of 1 else nil.

Are you invited to important customer events? If the answer is yes then score 1 else nil.

Do you look at company results and understand them? Do you relate, believe you have your share of contribution of company’s Revenue/EBITA/ Operating Margin and can lead a comfortable discussion, agree to a plan of deliverables and cascade this across the HR team and deliver as one team. Rate 1 if yes.

Have you shared your POV ( point of view) in a non HR important business session namely business strategy, business plan kick off, business reviews, operating plans, innovation workshops, branding, repositioning, war rooms, M&A etc. Is it seen as wow/bold/out of box and value acknowledged? If yes even once rate yourself 1 else nil.

Are you trying any of the new Tech HR agenda and creating/disrupting business value significantly with clear measurable matrices creation which the org is seeing and saying (Well Done !) Give 1 if yes.

Are you at ease co-partnering with your CEO, your company’s business plan for the next 3/5 years and link it to capability building, organisation people readiness and explain the risk and mitigation of creating Tomorrow’s organisation. The expectation is total business language and a sign-off on capability building and talent readiness plan along with business plan concurrently. Give 1 only if it is a clear yes.

What is the ratio of your business heads seeking your help to you going after them for follow ups/reviews etc .If the ratio is 1 or more, rate yourself 1.

Finally, on important organisation decisions regarding business performance, do you clearly have a plan to measure to alter the business performance output/change and feel completely responsible along with the business heads? Touch your heart and rate 1 if you see yourself involved in it.

Do you handle just HR or HR plus another function / responsibility or key business initiative or a member of task force / committee which has significant impact in the Organisation? If the answer is yes, then 1, else nil.


  1. Nil - Role will perish soon
  2. First step taken. Move rapidly. Show some urgency
  3. You are aware of the changing need and can renew with a plan
  4. You are clear and doing good. Improve the pace
  5. You are a BVP ( business value provider)
  6. You are a clear respected Organisation leader / differentiator
  7. You will be looked upon for bigger responsibilities besides HR and will be mapped and considered for large succession roles. Will have a seat in the board in the future.
  8. You can lead a business. Bid for it and do the role.
  9. You are CEO material
  10. You can chair a full diverse board
  11. You have seen it all. It is time you wrote a book on your experience.

I am sure you have honestly plotted yourself, and reflecting on your score. If you are aspiring for growth, then along with building functional and digital depth in HR, the above can act as a broad guidance of a career trajectory in any business situation. There are 3 high touches needed to be successful business HR leader.



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