Kanwal Kaul

“Rajesh is an extremely effective HR and people leader. He has high standards and gets things done.“I have the pleasure to be a part of the same organization and function at Capgemini, though different Strategic Business Units. I have always found him to be an endless font of company as well as industry knowledge, which he willingly and expertly shares with others. He holds his clients, his team, and himself to exceptionally high standards of performance and achieves that expectation. And always with good cheer, compassion and a genuine interest in those with whom he collaborates. He is an highly enterprising leader and someone I aspire to be like one day.”

Kanwal Kaul | Business Partner at Telent Magnet

Rajesh Chandiramani

“Rajesh is an extremely thorough professional. His leadership skills and his People management skills are setting some of best examples for many others to follow. Working with Rajesh is fun as he makes working in some of the toughest situations simple to manage and fun. He believes in a proper work life balance and his mantra is work hard and party hard. Wishing RP (as he is known in professional world) the very best.”

Rajesh Chandiramani | Senior Vice President - Head of Continental Europe and British Telecom Engagement at Tech Mahindra

Dr. Adwaita Govind Menon

“My initial introduction to Rajesh was as a consultant when I took a brief from him on his vision for leadership development at one of the organizations where he was the Global Head of HR. His clarity of thought and ability to convey both the big picture and the fine print with equal ease to me is one of my early memories of my initial meeting with Rajesh. Though my assignments with him at the helm of HR in organizations, I found him to be extremely business savvy, passionate about people and result oriented. Over the years as I got to know him better as a person, it was a delight to discuss broader business issues with him for he brought in fresh perspectives along with insights from his vivid experiences. Although I was a young budding consultant, he always treated me as a friend and his humility is something I have always wanted to emulate. Today, he is someone I easily walk up to and seek guidance from without a second thought. I treasure my friendship and professional relationship with him. He is one of those people whose name brings a smile to your face and a sense of warmth to your heart.”

Dr. Adwaita Govind Menon | KPMG

Rajeev Gupta

“Rajesh has the ability to simplify complex human resource related issues. He assimilates himself in a multi-cultural environment winning hearts of employees. He brings positive working environment motivating employees to go extra mile in achieving organizational objective.”

Rajeev Gupta | Chief Operating Officer (REIME Africa) - ACME Cleantech Solutions Limited

Anshumal Dikshit

“Rajesh is an HR professional par excellence – his strategic vision and out of the box approach makes him an outstanding manager who is a pleasure to work with. He has a unique ability to quantify human resources and to deliberate on any HR sub field with binding interest. Gives you a lot of independence at work and is above all a very simple human being with a lot of humility.”

Anshumal Dikshit | Vice President and Head Human Resources - Arvato Bertelsmann (India)

Rajneesh Sharma

“I had the opportunity to work with Rajesh. He is one of the finest leaders who believe in empowerment. He has that global view to look at the problems at hand and resolve them in a very structured and logical way. Rajesh is a wonderful & calm person. His ability to innovate or find "out of box solutions" is unparalleled. He has a unique style which he used for design and implementation of reward and recognition programs and implementation of Performance Management Processes and HRM Systems.”

Rajneesh Sharma | Director Human Resources - The Oberoi Group

Melissa D’Costa

“To recommend Rajesh is a difficult exercise as he doesn't need my endorsement at all. I have much respect for him and know many who similarly do. His ability to appreciate the finer nuances of HR, his quiet confidence and his sagacity make him an obvious choice to turn to when one needs a fresh perspective. He leads his team in his signature affable style, giving young talent the freedom to question convention and much room to explore creativity. He is a vibrant and an approachable leader, who is intuitive about the future, committed to excellence and unabashed to create new paths. I consider myself privileged to have worked with him and wish him much success.”

Melissa D’Costa | Principal Consultant, People and Change - PwC

Kenneth Oswin Lean

“Strategic, Executive Presence, Influential and Empowerment are the words that quickly come to my mind when I think of Rajesh. A rare commodity in the marketplace, where an HR Leaders thinks Business and People in the same breath. I was fortunate to work with Rajesh as a Consulting Partner in a Leadership Transformation Project. The whole team was a winner due to Rajesh's respect for each individual's and able guidance. His humility and humaneness is unparalleled. A true thought leader.”

Kenneth Oswin Lean | Vice President and Business Coach - Mercuri Urval

Raj Bowen

“Rajesh is one of the best demanding client partners one could ask for- demanding excellence at every touchpoint and very respectful when he sees that. He has the ability to evolve strategy aligning HR with business seamlessly and then trusting and empowering his teams and partners to execute. He brings a freshness of simplicity into an otherwise jargonised consulting world and thats why he not only connects so well with Business leaders but he is one of them. What matters most to me is that Rajesh is a 'friend'! Best wishes always...your profession needs more folks like you Rajesh!”

Raj Bowen | New Directions

Arvind Usretay

“ Rajesh is a highly accomplished professional. He is knowledgeable and well read not only about HR but all areas of business. He has the ability to visualize the 'big picture' , then convert them into 'action plans' and most importantly 'execute' them at incredible speed !! .. a very rare combination. Another quality that stands him apart - that he is nice to you (a rather underrated virtue) and most likely you will see him with a smile on his face. He respects you for who you are and not for your stature / title etc. Each interaction with him has been a learning and fun experience. I wish him continued success. ”

Arvind Usretay | Director at Willis Towers Watson India

Gayathri Ramamurthy

“ Suave and Savvy, Humorous and Humble, Collaborative yet Decisive, Opinionated not Judgemental, great judge of human character are key traits that define Rajesh. As my manager, he made me step back to view the forest and engage the trees! He will always be my mentor. ”

Gayathri Ramamurthy | Senior Director at Capgemini Technology Services India Limited